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OPS opened its branch in Jordan in 2017 to facilitate its expanding activities in the Middle East (South Syria mainly). Currently, its operational focus lies on the Syrian border with Jordan, where large informal refugee settlements have sprung up since the closing of the border in March 2015. Due to security concerns, these settlements have been hard to reach for humanitarian organizations, leaving the people without food, medical, or other supplies.

OPS Jordan

 Rapid Solutions, Lasting Impact

 Operational Program Support Jordan (OPS Jordan) is an experienced monitoring & logistics service provider dedicated to effective humanitarian assistance and aid delivery in complex and volatile areas in the Middle East. The founder of OPS Jordan has 20 years of experience in Humanitarian Program Management. OPS Jordan has an extensive international and national network of technical experts, consultants and field officers.

OPS Jordan achievements in Jordan, Berm and Southern Syria:

  • Cross border movement of ngo staff. OPS Jordan did manage and coordinate cross border movement of ngo staff based in Syria, to participate in training sessions in Jordan. In 2017/2018 several movements and training of 100+ staff have taken place.
  • Establishment of the OPS AIDCard registration & monitoring system: AIDCard is used for surveys, beneficiary registration information, aid distributions and cash programming. The use of biometrics (thumbprint & iris scanning) is optional but not required. All data collected is encrypted and highly secured to International Standards.
  • Registration of 1,000 households (4,000 persons) in Hadalat through the AIDCard system. The registration was done independently, by visiting each shelter in Hadalat, to avoid self-reporting by beneficiaries for efficient programs in the future.
  • Successful Bread distributions in Hadalat settlement reaching 4,000 beneficiaries. Distributions were conducted every 3 days using the AIDCard system. Every round of bread distributions, each providing bread to 1,000 households, were completed in less than 90 minutes.
  • Rapid Needs assessments surveys conducted in Hadalat and Rukban settlements for 1,500 households. Each team of 2 field officers interviewed the households individually using offline and online technology on smartphones at the shelter level.
  • Syria Assessments. 200 monitors conducted over 1000 multi-sectorial rapid needs assessment surveys in 50 locations in the South of Syria in less than a week.
  • OPS Jordan succesfully completed distribution of 5000 food aid packages to much in need population of Rukban Camp in the border area between Jordan and Syria.