AIDCard is a proven and reliable smartcard solution for beneficiary registration for humanitarian assistance and programming. Utilizing a biometric system, AIDCard is secure and simple to use. It enables OPS Group to manage all its programs for its clients and carry out its operations globally. The AIDCard system improves operational efficiency and ensures that programs remain relevant and fit for purpose.

AIDCard and OPSGroup

The AIDCard Solution is a fundamental component of OPS’s core services, utilized for effective operational support and humanitarian assistance programs in challenging environments. It operates both online and offline in real time, and provides a platform to register beneficiaries and manage multiple assistance programs. The AIDCard platform allows OPS to work with multiple sources of funds, commodities, beneficiaries and vendors.

Where possible, OPS implements the Aidcard system as a foundation for its clients as a tool for for accurate and reliable beneficiary registration. Beneficiaries are surveyed and fingerprinted (or eye scanned), with each household receiving a smart card. All relevant information such as name, age, vulnerability criteria, and familial linkages are linked to the card, which is subsequently used to manage and monitor humanitarian assistance programs. With each card able to hold up to 22 wallets, multiple donors, programs, and activities can be managed through the AIDCard system.

Registrations are synchronized with the AIDCard platform (a web-based information management system), with a unique profile being created for each beneficiary. The program enables to manage, amongst others, registration details, surveys, assistance, transactions, attendance, and complaints. Through its AIDCard platform, OPS can effectively track beneficiaries, monitor multiple activities originated from multiple grants, and quickly conduct surveys and assessments.

For a detailed overview of the modalities and functions of the AIDCard, see the AIDCard brochure:

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